ANTISIL CONZ 1Sequestering agent with peroxide stabilizing effect.
BUFFERON EDC Alkali Buffer For Reactive Dyeing
BUFFERON 4555Buffer for Polyester dyeing.
BUFFERON PBLiquid alkali for cold pad batch system.
EKSAGAL RE B                  Reactive dye leveling and dissolving agent.
BIOPOLISH DLAcidic cellulase for cotton biopolishing.
COLORFIX NF 200%      Formaldehyde free color fixing agent, hydrophilic, redyable.
BIOKILL New    Enzymatic antiperoxide.
EXOLINE 4000 WEL    Acidic Soaping Agent.
EXOLINE MAGIC M             Flash Soaping Agent at low Temperature.
MEGACLEAR – 12 Concentrated Reductive Clearing Agent (Alkali) .
MEGACLEAR – 5Acid Activated Liquid Reducing Agent.
EXOLUBE NCCrease preventing agent with leveling dispersing and lubricant property.
VIVIBRITE CBACotton, Viscose, Bamboo, Polyamide Optical Brighteners.