Rocol was established in 1878 as a manufacturer of specialist industrial lubricants in the UK.

Rocol, UK, is an ITW group fortune 500 company. Rocol is pioneer in manufacturing and marketing specialized industrial grease and lubricants. Rocol as a brand is known for its quality products, consistency and customer oriented marketing approach.

Rocol has worked with some of the worlds leading companies in many diverse industries and applications, developing products with one common goal to deliver optimum performance. Each and every product has been developed in the spirit Rocol is renowned for: –

  •  Speciality Bearing Greases
  •  Chain Lubricants
  •  Compressor & Hydraulic Oils
  •  Anti-Seize & Assembly Products
  • Wire Rope Lubricants
  • Gear Oils

Foodlube from Rocol is the lubrication solution of choice in the food industry.

In addition to being NSF H1 Registered for absolute food safety, FOODLUBE helps to improve cleanliness and efficiency while significantly reducing and downtime.

Over a decade spent working with leading food companies gives ROCOL the experience to the best advice on how to deliver these results through implementation of a lubrication management approach that is consistent with food safety legislation and easily integrated into HACCP processes.

Today, for our customer, the FOODLUBE brand is synonymous with:

  • Increased overall equipment efficiency.
  • Full audit compliance
  • Training and support
  • Peace of mind
  • Food safety