AMILIAZ HT 250%    High temperature desizing enzyme.
ANTISIL CONZ 1Sequestering agent with peroxide stabilizing effect.
EXOLINE FE CONZIron and copper complexing agent at high pH.
E WET 104 / SH / MRSLow Foam wetting agent for high speed jets.
GREASEOFF FREE          BioDegradable, oil remover, foamless.
NOBLEACH WELOne step scouring and dyeing greige cotton.
PESCLEAN Reactive Turquoise dye solubilizer, polyster masking agent, during reactive dyeing.
SKYBLUE Economic Bleaching Technique
VISCOBLEACH                          Bleaching agent for viscose color and white fabrics.
VISCODYE                              Viscose Sulphur Complexing Agent.